Basic Interior (1-2 Hrs)

Wipe down of all surfaces and sealant applied,carpets vacuumed, small spots removed, upholsterylightly cleaned and vacuumed, windows polished clean

  • Compact Cars$75
  • Sedans$100
  • Trucks$125
  • Small SUV's$150
  • Large SUV's/Vans$185

Complete Interior (2+ Hrs)

Basic + carpets thoroughly cleaned with hot water extraction, upholstery/leather fully cleaned and reconditioned using steam, headliner lightly cleaned, all surfaces steam decontaminated including door jams

  • Compact Cars$140
  • Sedans$165
  • Trucks$200
  • Small SUV's$250
  • Large SUV's/Vans$300

Basic Exterior (2-3 Hrs)

Foam Hand Wash, Terry Towel Dry, Glass Polished, Wheels Cleaned, Tires dressed with protective coating, Spray Finishing Wax

  • Compact Cars$100
  • Sedans$135
  • Small SUV's/Trucks$150
  • Large Trucks$160
  • Large SUV's/Vans$175

Complete Exterior (4-6 Hrs)

Basic + paint decontamination, remaining surface contaminates removed with clay bar, light polish to paint, high quality spray sealant

  • Compact Cars$150
  • Sedans$210
  • Small SUV's/Trucks$250
  • Large Trucks$260
  • Large SUV's/Vans$300

Ultimate Exterior (1 Day)

Complete + single stage paint work correction, restore all plastic surfaces, sealed with a carnauba wax, tires dressed with protective coating, engine bay cleaned and detailed

  • Compact Cars$300
  • Sedans$325
  • Small SUV's/Trucks$375
  • Large Trucks$375
  • Large SUV's/Vans$400

Concourse (TBD)

Ultimate + extensive 2+ stage machine paint correction, extensive detail to all exterior surfaces, seal front windshield with protective coating, seal tires and rims with protective coating

Exact price and time to be determined once vehicle has been evaluated

  • Starting at$750

New Car

Full Hand foam wash, Wheels, tires and engine bay cleaned and protective sealant added, surface contamination removed, full polish synthetic sealant applied, interior surface cleaned and protected, upholstery/leather cleaned and conditioned, tires treated with satin finish, carpets steam cleaned

  • Compact Cars$275
  • Sedans$300
  • Small SUV's/Trucks$360
  • Large Trucks$375
  • Large SUV's/Vans$450

Add - Ons

  • Headlight Restoration$75
  • Ceramic Coating - Front Glass only$150*
  • Ceramic Coating - Tires Only$200*
  • Ceramic Coating - Paint Only$400**
  • Full Ceramic Protection$750**

*Must have minimum of Basic Exterior with this service. **Must have minimum of Complete Exterior with this service.